Ara Pacis

Reduced entrance fee

The Ara Pacis is the altar approved by Senate in 13 AC, Completed in 9 AC, and it was Dedicated to Peace Augustan Age after the great Roman conquests in Gaul and Spain. The whole structure is decorated with reliefs inside and outside. The monument was rediscovered in the sixteenth century under Palazzo Fiano ( Between piazza San Lorenzo in Lucina and Via del Corso ) and it has been brought to light by special excavations in years 1937-1938. That was then was placed between the Tiber and Via di Ripetta, Inside a glass roof, replaced in 2008 From the new cover designed by Richard Meier .

Show you ISIC/ITIC/IYTC card at the ticketing office and take advantage of the reduced rate!

*Reduction is not inclusive of the surcharge of a temporary exhibition or exhibition with separate tickets.


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