ISIC Italy


1 EUR Off on entrance ticket

The Biosphere is a striking sphere of glass and steel designed by the architect Renzo Piano, which you can find in Genoa’s Porto Antico (the Old Port). Here you can learn about the plant and animal life in tropical forests, and find out more about these fragile environments that are highly endangered by human activities. Visitors will have the chance of taking a close look at more than 150 species, with their fragile beauty, and you will also find out why their survival depends on all of us.

You will see rare tropical plants: not only tree ferns, but also plants that are traditionally used for human activities, such as gum trees, coffee plants, banana trees and cinnamon. The tree ferns that grow in the Biosphere are the tallest cultivated plants of this species in the whole world.

All ISIC, ITIC, IYTC cardholders can enjoy a reduced ticket (4 EUR instead of 5 EUR), just showing the card at the time of ticket purchase.