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Brixia: Archaeological Area of Roman Brescia

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The city centre contains the monumental remains of ancient Brixia, impressive evidence of the town’s long history. This area was abandoned in Late Antiquity, and rediscovered in the early nineteenth century through excavations funded by local inhabitants; it may now be admired in its original splendour – and with the assistance of the latest technology. The Republican Temple was built in the 1st century BC, with innovative design and lavish decoration; modern visitors marvel at its splendid and incredibly well preserved wall paintings, a rare example of Republican period Roman frescoes in northern Italy. The Capitolium, built in AD 73, was dedicated to the cult of Jupiter, Juno and Minerva. Within its chambers magnificent and splendidly preserved original coloured marble flooring, furnishings and sculptures may be seen. The central chamber retains part of an 1830 rebuild, implemented when – after the excavations – the Museo Patrio was inaugurated in the partly reconstructed temple. Next to the Capitolium stands the Roman Theatre (1st - 3rd century AD). Entering the cavea – the spacious area where spectators once sat, resting in part on the slope of Cidneo Hill – visitors may savour the atmosphere of ancient performances.

The Roman Brescia Archaeological Area and San Salvatore-Santa Giulia complex were inscribed in 2011 in the UNESCO World Heritage List as part of the serial site Longobards in Italy. Places of Power (568-774 AD).

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