Campo Felice seasonal "Skipass dei Parchi"

Up to 60 EUR off on seasonal Skipass "dei Parchi"

Campo Felice is a skistation with 35 km of ski slopes were you can enjoy sun, snow, relax and ski at less than 2 hours from Rome.

All cardholders can buy seasonal discounted skypasses “dei Parchi” with a discount up to 50 EUR for him and for his family just showing the card at the ticketing office.

Prices of the Skipass with the discount:

- from 02/10/2017 till 26/11/2017 you will pay 475 EUR

- from 27/11/2017 you will pay 510 EUR

For more info: 

For all skipass is necessary to buy a Key Card st the cost of 2 EUR.



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