Free registration and 15 free minutes

Running late? Don’t feel like walking? Caught in the rain? No problem, car2go will be there for you.
Enjoy all the benefits of a car without owning one. In the minute price starting at 29 cent all costs like parking, refueling and insurance are included.

Simply use the car2go app to find the closest car, start and end your rental.

Use car2go in four Italian cities or Europe-wide during your semester abroad in 15 cities – with only one registration.
Register now for free and receive 15 free minutes.

The service is available to 18 years cardholders that are in possession of a valid driving licence for not less than one year. Data, after registration will be validated from car2gostaff. Once your data will be validated you can start using the car and you have 30 days to redeem your free minutes. 

Moreover, to be eligible to take advantage of the offer you should have your place of residence in one of the following countries: Italy, Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Spain or Sweden.


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