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Centro Studi Pitagora

Preparati al meglio agli esami universitari per te una lezione completamente gratuita

Centro Studi Pitagora has its primary goal in teaching and spreading scientific subjects. In particular, from many years, we train and support students in preparation of university exams such as:
Analysis I and II, Physics I and II, Geometry, Statistics and Probability, Computer Science, Financial Mathematics and similar.
We also help students from high schools and technical institutes on their multi-year courses in subjects such as:
Physics and Mathematics, Chemistry, Computer Science, Statistics. Providing special support for graduation exam and “seconda prova”.
We also have external collaborators to satisfy requests in every educational field.

All ISIC and IYTC cardholders can take advantage of an entirely free lesson at our center.
The user also has access to the "Porta un Amico" offer:
For each new student presented, who purchases a package, the user receives a 30% increase in hours; that can be used, or on the package that he has currently in progress or on the next package purchased.

For all info:

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