Cernusco PC Lab

Problems with you PC, tablet or iPhone?Cernusco PC Lab is here to help you!

Problems with you PC, tablet or iPhone?Cernusco PC Lab offers:

  • PC, Notebook, Mac, iPhone & iPad, Tablet, repair and assistance. Data Recovery. Before any intervention will be carried out diagnosis to analyze the problem and allow a proper drafting of the quote all completely free: to ensure maximum transparency. Subsequently, if the client decides not to proceed to the intervention, we will not be 'charged anything!
  • software and hardware repair, upgrade components, virus removal, replacement iPhone and iPad screens, Windows, osX, basic software installation.
  • data recovery lab from damaged storage media (hard disk, USB flash drives, memory cards ..).
  • Reprogramming bios.
  • Repair Macbook and iMac (even older models).
  • Creation of responsive websites!

All ISIC, ITIC, IYTC ardholders can take advantage of:

- 20 % Off ICT assistance and repain on Pc, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Notebook, Tablet, Data recovery.

- 20 % off creation, maintenance and website updating .

All services are made available at the office of Cernusco PC Lab (via Cantù 9 Cernusco Lombardone - LC-), but alsp all over Italy with national shipping tracked and insured. Free Diagnosis on each device.


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