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Live the city just paying for the real minutes of usage of the vehicle!

eCooltra is a European electric scooter sharing leader with a fleet of more than 2.000 scooters. Nowadays the service is available in the cities of: Barcelona, Madrid, Lisbon, Rome
The service is smart and easy, free app download from Android and iOS and free registration.
The smartphone is the tool to localize the scooter, book it, open the seat, get the helmet and switch on the electric engine ‘keyless service’
Live all your city and pay just the real rental minutes. The cost of 0,24 €/min. of the service includes all that you need: insurance, battery, parking, helmets and maintenance.

You can use your eCooltra account in all the cities where the service is active, you must be 18 years old and with a valid scooter or car driving license.
Do the free registration and….
1. Open the eCooltra app. Select the closest available scooter on the map (the app shows the address of the scooter and the level of the battery charged together with the estimate km available)
2. Book the scooter: push ‘Book’
3. Ride the scooter: push ‘Start’ (If you do not find a scooter, push the icon “show the scooter" you will see the light blinking and the noise of the horn)
4. Just ride: push the left button “Open Helmet” the seat will open*. You should just fast the helmet, close the seat and after putting the central stand up push the button “Start” on the scooter.
5. Pause: In case you should do a short stop, you can push “Pause”, the scooter will remain your disposal and you will continuous to pay the rental. Once you finish your short stop push «Stop Pause» again.
6. Close the rental: Once you finish the rental, open the seat from the App, put back the helmet and push “Close”.

You can have 30 free minutes inserting a promo code during the registration process. Once finished the free minutes, you can also easily buy a package of 100 minutes a 21,99 EUR instead of 24 EUR.

Enjoy eCooltra!


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