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Secret Itineraries Tour

6 EUR di sconto sul costo della visita

The Secret Itinerary through the Doge’s Palace covers the rooms and chambers where the delicate work of some of the most important bodies in the Venetian administration was carried out. These spaces offer an interesting insight into and acknowledgement of the civil and political history of the Venice Republic, its public organisations, and its institutional bodies deputed to government and justice.

All ISIC cardholders showing the valid card at the ticketing office can enjoy the reduced admission ticket (14 EUR  instead of 20 EUR).

The tour is accompanied by a specialized guide, for a minimum of 2 people and a maximum of 25. It starts at established times according to the following schedule: – in Italian at 9.30 and 11.10; – in English at 9.55, 10:45 and 11.35; – in French at 10.20 and 12.00.

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*Photo Credits: M. Defina



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