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Jewish Museum of Rome

Go with an ISIC friend and just one of us will pay!

The Jewish Museum of Rome is a place for meeting, culture, dialogue and love for beauty. A single reference point for discovering the traditions, religion and history of the Roman Jews, belonging to a community of the oldest in the world.
Located in the monumental complex of the Great Synagogue, it houses a magnificent collection that dates back mainly to the centuries of the Roman ghetto. The itinerary, which stretches between the ancient Marble Gallery, and the 7 exhibition halls, includes magnificent masterpieces, Roman silver from the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, precious fabrics from all parts of Europe, documents, parchments, marbles escaped from the demolition of the Cinque Scole, as well as liturgical objects that tell the festivals of the year and celebrations of life.

To take advantage of the benefit, if you go with another friend that has an ISIC, you can enter in 2 and just one will pay (ticket price 5€).


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