ISIC Italy

Loggia e Odeo Cornaro

Reduced Admission Ticket

La Loggia and the Odeo Cornaro are what remains of a larger complex of buildings and gardens, among the maximum testimonies of the Paduan renaissance and expression of the cultural interests of its creator: Alvise Cornaro (Venice, 1480/84 - Padua, 1566). La Loggia, dated 1524, was created on the project ofthe  architect Giovanni Maria Falconetto, linked to the Cornaro by friendship and by the common interest in classical antiquity.

In the Odeo it is possible to admire frescoes by Sustris and stuccoes by Tiziano Minio.

All ISIC/ITIC/IYTC cardholders showing the valid card at the ticketing office can enjoy the reduced admission ticket (2,00 EUR instead of 3 EUR).



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