ISIC Italy

Marozzi Viaggi & Turismo

4 € Off your trip on a Marozzi bus

3000 promo codes of 4 EUR each valid for 1 year with Marozzi!

Are you a student? Do you normally travel for job or for passion?... Marozzi will offer you the poerfect travel! Travel on bus during the day or the night from/to Puglia, Basilicata, Campania, Roma, Toscana, Bologna, Torino and Milano. On board you will have: 1 big luggage (max 20 kg) and 1 small luggage (max 5 kg) for free, toilett, free Wi-Fi, plugs, extra-size seats. 

How does it function?

Ask now for the promocode with a value of 4 EUR. Just insert the data of your ISIC/ITIC/IYTC card and you will receive the voucher via email. You can use the promo code received 3 times during the year to buy 3 tickets on or on the Marozzi App.

N.B. Is it possible to access to just one voucher per card. If you lose your code or you cancel the reservation, is it not possible to ask for another code.


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