Musei di Villa Torlonia - Il Casino dei Principi

Visit the Casino dei Principi for a discounted price!

The House of the Princes took on its current neo-sixteenth century aspect, rich in internal and external decoration, following the redevelopment at the middle of 1800. The small and elegant House was used by Prince Alessandro Torlonia, during the sumptuous society events held in the Villa, as an annex to the main building, to which is was connected by an underground passage, which still joins the buildings today.  It enjoyed a privileged position in that the French windows, which open onto the charming balcony running along the main prospect, enjoy a magnificent view of the grounds and were used to help with the spectacles organised in the Amphitheatre below.

To visit the Casino dei Principi and to feel part of an ancient party taking advantage of a reduced entrance ticket, show your valid ISIC/ITIC/IYTC card at the ticketing office! Reductions cannot be applied in case of temporary exhibition.


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