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Museo di Palazzo Mocenigo

2,50 EUR Off full price ticket for the Museum of Palazzo Mocenigo

A patrician residence at San Stae, it hosts the Palazzo Mucenigo's museum completely completly renewed and expanded at the end of 2013. Furnishings and paintings were integrated with a large number of works from different sectors and deposits of the Venice Civic Museums, thanks to the process of restoring and valorising canvases and pastels, furnishings and glass that had never been on display before. As a whole, the rooms skilfully evoke the different aspects of the life and activities of a Venetian nobleman between the 17th and 18th century, and on display are mannequins wearing valuable ancient garments and accessories that belong to the Study Centre connected to the Museum. A new section dedicated to a particular aspect of the history of Venetian tradition, perfume, was set up. In the five rooms that are dedicated to perfume, multi-media instruments and experiences using the senses alternate along an itinerary of information, emotion and closer study

All ISIC cardholders showing the valid card at the ticketing office can enjoy the reduced admission ticket (5,50 EUR instead of 8 EUR).

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