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When the last Lombard king Desiderius was still duke of Brescia, he founded in AD 753 the female Benedictine monastery of San Salvatore, together with his wife Ansa. To this monumental complex – in which Alessandro Manzoni set his dramatization of the death of Ermengarda, Desiderius' daughter who was rejected by Charlemagne – churches and other buildings were added over the centuries, some with striking wall paintings, until its suppression by Napoleon in 1798. After various uses, and following recent conservation work and a lengthy campaign of archaeological excavation, since 1998 the monastery has been home to Brescia Museum. With a display area of 14,000 m2, the chronological itinerary features 12,000 objects that document Brescia's history from the 3rd millennium BC until Renaissance times: artefacts of the Cenomanian Gauls, Roman marble and bronze statues, grave goods from Roman and Lombard period burials, mosaics from houses unearthed in the town, and Romanesque and Renaissance architectural decorations. Visitors pass through the monastery and other significant locations, such as an archaeological area containing two Roman town houses (1st - 3rd century AD), the Lombard church of San Salvatore (8th century AD), the Nuns' Choir (early 16th century) and the Romanesque chapel of Santa Maria in Solario (12th century). In the last of these the nuns kept the monastery treasure, of which remain the Lipsanoteca, a precious ivory container for holy relics, and the Cross of Desiderius, decorated with 212 gems, the work of Carolingian jewellers. The San Salvatore-Santa Giulia complex and Brixia: Archaeological Area of Roman Brescia have been listed since 2011 as UNESCO World Heritage, part of the serial site Longobards in Italy. Places of Power (568-774 AD) which includes seven monumental sites in Italy.

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