Mystery - Il gioco delitto

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An homicide, a bunch of suspects… a murderer!

Imagine to be the characters of a vintage murder mystery, hiding some secrets while trying to unmask the killer. From England, here it is the murder mystery party, a game-party you can plan almost everywhere! Your friends will try to cheat you and you’ll have to use your “little grey cells” to find out the truth amidst old letters, newspaper articles and mysterious photos.
Every player has a personal sheet with a character description, his bio (full of mysteries…) and some action to play during the mystery party. Most of the players could have also some clues. All the players must solve the mystery with the clues, the actions and other’s characters statements and… find the murderer!

How? Just choose the mystery and select the number of players. Download the mystery box, send the character sheets and the clues to your friends before the party and…investigate!

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