Barcelona, a unique experience! (Draft)

Enjoy the energy and beauty of Barcelona with Your ISIC card!

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Barcelona  is characterized by its colors and energy that are a Must to live at least once in your life. The city is famous not only for the energetic lifestyle, that we could define as explosive, but also for the breathtaking beauty of the city. Barcelona in fact, is the touristic destination of almost 7 million people each year. You will be incredulous admiring the lovely small houses at the entrance of the Park Guell so colorful and characterized by such a soft curves to seem made by marzipan; you'll be amused by the works of Gaudi around the city that reflect perfectly the spirit of the city. To see the Sagrada Familia (it is a must!) will be something unique, unmissable! A walk along La Rambla is a unique experience: people with the most varied masks pose every day and it will accompany your walk up to the Old Port, where you can enjoy the sun or if you would like some shopping to the MOL. In fact, the city is situated on the north east coast and it offers a mild and sunny climate in winter that comes out very hot in summer,  and that is perfect to enjoy the beach! You'll love the Barrio Gotico where very typical libraries and antiquarians as well as bars and restaurants, populate the streets of this neighborhood, considered as the center of Barcelona life. Nevertheless Barcelona is also Movida! The city offers a long list of clubs, bars, discos, events, festivals and so on! And then the Spanish people are very friendly and wit will be very easy for you to make local friends getting into the Catalan culture that has always been famous all over the world! Just admit it… Are you thinking about a nice spring weekend in Barcelona that might be exactly what you need? So well, let’s take a look at ISIC discounts in Barcelona right there  for you! 

  • To visit the Sagrada Familia with your ISIC Card click here 
  • Don’t miss the Cripta of the Colonia Guell to a reduced prise click here
  • Enjoy the delicious Catalan cuisine click here and here 
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