Christmas markets

Take a break and enjoy a nice week end in a lovely Christmas atmosphere!

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Summer is gone long ago, trees already lost their leaves and the autumn opened the door to the winter season. For the entire semester you have been committing to achieve your goals and probably, right now it is also time to take a break. It is already December and don’t forget that Christmas is very close! The snowflakes, Christmas trees, various decorations making the city colourful, that Christmas lights that warm the hearts and then … the traditions of course! Talking about traditions you can not omit the extraordinary festive air of the Christmas markets that, in addiction, would result to be perfect to complete your list of Christmas gifts! Imagine yourself walking along the market stalls while sipping a smoking hot chocolate and admiring the particularity of that so many interesting objects sold by the “Christmas merchants”. You would enjoy a lovely atmosphere that almost recalls the magic described by all that numerous themed movies. Europe is full of these traditional occasions and in my opinion, there are some places that if you have not already seen, it is definitely the right time to consider to visit.  And I mean the Christmas Markets in Germany, Switzerland e Austria. Famous throughout the world for the festive area that they are able to convey and for the atmosphere of solidarity that stands out even more marked during the Christmas period, these countries represents the perfect opportunity for organize a nice weekend in December. The markets in Hamburg, Vienna, Zurico as well as all others that soon we will see are very popular destinations not only for the tradition of Santa Claus, but also for the beauty of the cities themselves. Not yet in the mood? Take a look also at the ISIC discounts and enjoy an amazing Christmas experience at an affordable price!


-        Hamburg (

-        Stuttgart (

-        Dresden (


-        Vienna (with iceskating) (

-        Salzburg (


-        Zurigo

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