Weekend in Berlin

Take advantage of your ISIC to discover the beauty of Berlin and all its secrets: from the German culture and its history to the European city as the queen of fun and innovation!

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Berlin is considered as the capital of the young Europeans and by some statistics it is also one of the "top three" cities in Europe for entertainment and unbeatable interesting sights where history clashes and many important if not world changing sights can be seen up close.

Unfortunately the bombing did great damage to the historical buildings and many lost its authentic touch, Berlin has became a rendezvous point for fashion, art, design, music, festivals and the center of every kind of events. Historians claim that the capital of Germany is the result of a long process of evolution and innovation following the fall of the wall which divided the country into two greatest sides the human civilization ever had - Soviet Union & West. The past is everywhere here: the Reichstag, Brandenburg Gate, Checkpoint Charlie, the Museum Island, the Shloss Charlottenburg and what remains of the most famous wall in the world are a must to visit. The city can also offer what modern cities are aiming to be - entertaining environment with a mix of glamour and grit with its museums, art, galleries, avant-garde cinema and cult opera.

The nightlife in Berlin can hardly be challenged. Friedrichshain, Reveler Strasse and Kreuzberg or Neukölln areas are characterized by a buzzing nightlife. Cocktail bars and nightclubs are countless and for all the tastes: you cannot be disappointed! The city is the rendezvous point of the greatest contemporary music artists and that’s why events and music festivals are a daily occurrence. Locals claim that there is no time of the day or of the night where it is not possible to go dancing or enjoy good music in Berlin.

Think for a moment… Would you not like to have an unforgettable weekend in Berlin?I know… I got it!

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