International Teacher Identity Card

The International Teacher/ Professor Identity Card - ITIC - is the internationally valid proof for full-time teachers/ professors. The ITIC is valid 12 months and costs 13,00€

The International Teacher Identity Card (ITIC) is the essential discount card designed for full-time teachers and professors. Since its introduction in 1984, the ITIC has grown to become the most widely accepted proof of teaching status worldwide. Save at home and abroad on travel, accommodation, food and drink, entertainment, admissions to museums and cultural attractions, retail purchases and more. 


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The international Card for full-time teachers

The ITIC is valid for one year beginning with the issuance month

The ITIC has documental character and is recognized by the UNESCO as a mobility Card for teachers/professors

The following applicants are entitled to apply for an ITIC card:

All teachers and professors who work full-time in an approved educational Institute. Full-time means, at least 18 hours per week and for a period of 6 months

Valid credentials (i.a.):

- Dated letter of the educational institute (on letterhead) stamped validly and confirming the full-time position 

- Certified translation of the documents mentioned above


To obtain an ITIC you need to provide:

  • Proof of full-time teaching status
  • A colored passport photo
  • Proof of identity

You have everything ready? Then you can apply for your ITIC right here online:

Apply for ITIC online!