International Youth Travel Card

Everybody who is under the age of 31 can purchase the International Youth Travel Card - IYTC.
The IYTC is valid till Dec 31 and is available for 10,00€.





  • The International Youth Travel Card for young people under 31 years 
  • The IYTC is valid for one year beginning with the month of issuance
  • IYTC has a documental character and is recognized by the UNESCO as a mobility card for young people

The International Youth Travel Card costs 10€ and is valid until December 31st.

The following applicants are entitled to apply for an IYTC Card:

 Every youth under 31 years

To obtain an IYTC you need to provide:

  • A current colored passport photo
  • A valid proof of your identity

You have everything ready? Then you can apply for your IYTC directly here online:


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