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Conditions for participation

Conditions for participation

The following conditions are valid for the participation at the prize competition "Prize competition Website Launch" of the rds Reisedienst (in the following "organizer").

1. Acknowledgement of the conditions for participation
With the sending of the prize competition form, the participant accepts the following conditions.

2. Eligibility to participate
Eligible to participate is every natural person with unlimited legal capacity over 18 years of age. Excluded from participation are all employees, staff members or consultants from the organizer and their respective first and second degree relatives, as well as their spouses and cohabitants. The organizer is entitled to exclude individual persons from the participation if there are legitimate reasons, e.g. violation of the participation conditions, double participation with different e-mail addresses, participation via third parties (intermediaries, collective participation etc.), registration through a provider whose object of business it is, among other things, to manipulate prize competitions or to influence the prize competition in any other improper way etc...In these cases, the winnings can also be revoced and reclaimed subsequently.

3. Rules
The prize competition will be open from the 12.11.2014 until and including the 15.12.2014 on the ISIC Website Italy. Only completed, comprehensible and correctly filled out contact forms on the prize competition page that arrived within the period of the prize competition mentioned above, will participate at the prize draw.

4. Prizes and winning notification
Among all participants are drawn prizes, that are listed on the following Website: The winners of the prize competition are determined by drawíng of lots as soon the number of correct submissions exceeds the number of prizes available. The winning notification is send by rds via E-Mail. The winner has to confirm the receipt of the winning notification within seven days and provide the necessary data. Otherwise rds is entitled to draw a new winner. A cash payment of the winning isn't possible. Recourse to legal action and/or transmission to another person is excluded. In case of loss there won't be any replacement.

5. Liability
The organizers are always endeavoured to provide correct information on the Internet. A liability for incorrect information or tecnical errors in connection to the winning decision is excluded.

6. Publication of the winners, data protection
The personal data provided by the participants is used exclusively in the context of the prize competition and is not given to third parties or other advertising Partners.

7. Legal recourse

Legal recourse is excluded for the execution of the prize competition, the winning decision and the distribution of the winnings.

Hamburg, November 2014