ISIC Helpline

The free 24h emergency number

The ISIC Helpline is a free 24h energency number, that you can call from all over the world in case of a health, legal or other kind of emergency. The staff members of the ISIC Helpline organize support and help.

Emergency number: (+44) 20 8762 8110


ISIC Helpline assistance?

Legal problems

The Helpline informs on request the consulate or the embassy. In appropriate cases, the Helpline suggests to get a legal adviser in the requested language.

Health problems

In case of illness or accident, the Helpline helps you to find a doctor. If a medical advice from home is needed, the Helpline can help you to get in contact. In the procurement of a necessary medicine that isn't available in the travel country, the Helpline helps to organize the shipping.

And else...

...urgent messages can be send home with the Helpline - it helps with the obtaining of substitute documents, necessary booking changes and many other things.

That's how it works

  • Search the nearest telephone, ask the operator for a collect call and let you connect to the nmber (+44) 20 8762 8110.
  • First of all indicate your ISIC number. It's on the front of your ISIC, under your photo. Then indicate in what language you want to comunicate and describe your problem.

You can also reach the Helpline for free using the ISIConnect-access number of the holiday destination.

Please note: The Helpline is not an insurance. If costs arise (e.g. for a medical visit, a hospital stay o a lawyer) you have to bear them by yourself, if you aren't covered elsewhere.

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