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Travel insurance – Why should I buy it?

While travelling abroad emergencies may come up like accidents, acute illness, robbery of property etc. These incidents require an immediate support service and may also lead to high costs that the traveller cannot afford.

The medical repatriation to the home country can cost up to 100,000 €, year by year the costs for medical treatment rise considerably all over the world. For this reason, taking out travel health insurance is indispensable for your stay abroad.

With the insurance plan PROTRIP WORLD you will travel at ease all over the world. Apart from the medical benefits the policy also covers others aspects like personal liability and, stolen luggage, a disability payment in case of severe accidents and a lot more.

This policy, tailored to the needs of au-pairs and exchange programme participants is offered from 29.10 € per month.

The comprehensive coverage of this policy includes:

- Medical treatment abroad without cost limit, also at private hospitals
- Palliative dental treatment up to 500 € per year
- A 24/ 7 emergency service in several languages
- Visit of a family member is the insured person is hospitalized
- Return trip/ trip interruption in case of death or severe illness in the family of the insured
- Direct billing between insurance company and doctors possible
- Private liability insurance up to 1,000,000 €, also for student activitives
- Luggage insurance valid during the whole stay with coverage, for instance, in case of robbery/ theft up to 2,000 €.

Get now your insurance dedicated to ISIC cardholders!

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